Marie Ellenrieder


Young Man with a Beard

oil on canvas

Young Man with a Beard

oil on canvas

55 x 46 cm

circa 1817

signed verso Marie Ellenrieder pinx

ex coll. Dr. Klaus Durm, Karlsruhe

Conserved by the late Andrea Rothe (formerly, Senior Conservator of Paintings, Getty Museum) and Jeanne McKee-Rothe (formerly, Norton Simon Museum).


Friedhelm Wilhelm Fischer, Marie Ellenrieder, Leben und Werk der Konstanzer Malerin (Konstanz and Stuttgart: Jan Thorbecke, 1963), Kat. Nr. 88 (entitled Niederblickender bärtiger Mann).


The same model appears in a oil painting of St. Jerome, c. 1817, in the collection of the Wessenberg-Galerie, Konstanz (Fischer Kat. Nr. 347, Abb. 10), reproduced below.


Marie Ellenrieder,

Hl. Hieronymus (St. Jerome),

oil on canvas,

c. 1817

Wessenberg-Galerie, Konstanz